Get ready for another year of global uproar

4 months, 1 day ago

Washington( CNN ) The political turmoil that rocked the world in 2016 might be an cocktail for 2017.

Crucial elections loom this year in France and Germany, where the same anti-establishment backlash that produced Donald Trump and Brexitcould offer an opening to nationalist leaders who resist Muslim immigration and further erode the European unity that has been a signature of the post-World War II epoch.


And in an era of strongman leaders like Xi, Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a harder-to-read US President might keep American challengers off balance .
Foreign policy often begins at home. And if taxation cuts and slashing regulation kindles explosive economic growth, a Trump boom could help lift anemic economies in Euorope and Asia .
Those who hope Trump will not upset the geopolitical apple cart also question whether responsibility will sober the President-elect .
“There’s only a whole different attitude and vibe when you’re not in power as when you’re in power, ” Obama said in his year-end press conference. “What we have to see is how will the President-elect operate and how will his team operate when they’ve been fully briefed on all these issues, they have their hands on all the levers of government and they’ve got to got to start making decisions.”

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