7 Thinks I Had About Marriage Before And After Tying The Knot

6 months, 6 days ago

Tying the knot is one of the biggest milestones of your life.

I’d be lying if I told you the process of getting engaged, and then getting married, wasn’t thought-provoking, stressful, and intense at times.

Despite what those dang Disney movies say, it’s so much more than just falling in love. Any person faced with a pivotal decision in their life can tell you that it’s hard to set all of your thoughts on a leash.

I’mcompletely in love, but that’s only the beginning if you’re contemplating marriage, and once you become husband and wife.

I always seemed to come back to these same seven the issues and claims about wedding before I tied the knot, and even now that I’m a wifey.

1. Every Marriage Is Different

Don’t let the solid term matrimony stump you. It may describe the union millions of people have, but each scenario is unbelievably different.

This isn’t a hard notion to grasp once you’re marriage, but it’s an extremelyuseful theory to hold onto.

2. It’s Not As ConfiningAs Some People May Say

I’m a trailblazing Aries.

Needless to say, I already knew the controlling kind was not going to do me any good. My spouse never has, and never will, try to clip my wings , nor does he frame our wedding as something that keeps me put.

Even before the I do’s, I knew being a married woman would be an amazing new part of me but not inevitably that I am.

3. It’s Not Just Signing A Piece Of Paper

I’ll admit, I toyed with this idea for quite some time.

Yes, you do sign a piece of paper, but it genuinely is so much more than only that.

Of course, people are happy without getting married, there’s no doubt about it. But, if you did sign along the dotted line and read your beautiful vows, you know that piece of paper opens up a new escapade and many experiences you face together.

4. Am I Wifey Material ?~ ATAGEND

Just like there isn’t one type of matrimony, there isn’t one type of wife, either.

I’ve always been an innovator, so I assured putting on the wife hat as another chance in order to be allowed to construct my own definition. Because, let’s be honest: Conformity stinks.

5. Will We Always Love Each Other The Same?

Freestocks Org/ Unsplash

This can be a scary guessed before you get married, because you’re still in that almost-there, aroused stage. Once you’re married, though, you realize things change and not necessarily in a bad way.

You’re falling in love with new things about one another every single day. So, will my hubby and I always love one another the same? No. Personally, I wouldn’t want that, because that entails I haven’t grown, and haven’t grown.

6. Communication Is Seriously Important

As much as I dislike clich sayings, this one is for real. It sucks to be an open volume when certain situations stimulate you wishes to shut everyone out.

But, youreally can’t go wrong with being open and honest, which is why this thought of talking things out stayed with me before and after tying the knot.

7. Your Wedding Is Your Business

With the openness social media providessociety with, people don’t hold back on posting about all things about their personal life.

People are into it, you can severely trace all of the ups and downs of a couple’s relationship just by checking their Facebook pages.

I’ve always been a private person and knew before and after I got married that what happens between us, stays between us ring, or no ring.

I’m certainly no expert, but Ican say from the experience of being married so far, trust your own faiths and thoughts.

Make your happy ever after, together.

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