The Making of The Revenant: Meet Emmanuel Lubezki, the Man Who Makes Movies Beautiful

6 months, 9 days ago

The two-time Oscar-winning cinematographer on the build of that infamous bear scene–and his sudden Instagram fame.

Emmanuel Chivo Lubezki cant help but chuckle at the believed to be a bear having its way with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Oh, its so sad , the Oscar-winning cinematographer wryly chastised on a bright afternoon in Beverly Hills, thinking back to magnified reports of DiCaprios tangle with a mama grizzly in the brutal, beautiful 19 th century survivalist tale The Revenant .

Its a mom that is protecting the cub, which in a very beautiful style is an echo of Glasss story, and how Glass would have done that for his son .

Its funny for a second, but then its so sad that somebody published that and then we read it. It was unbelievably depressing even though it was very funny, he chuckled, sunlight streaming into his cozy suite. I hope SNL makes a skit about it.

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