Makeup artist incorporates hijab to make the perfect Harley Quinn look

6 months, 22 days ago

There will probably be thousands of Harley Quinns wandering around this Halloween, but makeup artist Nora Belk is already a top contender for the best.

The 21 -year-old posted a photo of her appear, which incorporates her hijab and some truly flawless makeup work, to Reddit and Instagram on Wednesday. On Reddit, she even called it “Halal-ey Quinn, ” much to the delight of her fellow Redditors.

And Suicide Squad and makeup fans alike were super into Belk’s work. “If you can work a pun into your Halloween costume and stick to your religious beliefs and dress up as something topical, I’m super impressed, ” one commenter wrote.

“Of the 6,000 Harleys that will be out there this Halloween, this is already among my favorites, ” wrote another.

Belk, for her proportion, says that incorporating her hijab into the Halloween look was a no-brainer especially because she’s been discouraged from wearing it at cosplay events in the past.

“[ The hijab] is an example of my identity and who I stand for, so I wear it proudly, ” she told this week.

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