20 Simple Reminder To Keep You Going When You Don’t Know What To Do With Their own lives

6 months, 23 days ago

1. Believe that your calling is closer than you think. We spend so much day thinking about what our calling is and how we will fulfill it instead of trying to follow our curiosity or the excitement we feel towards something over the other.

2. Our calling may not be life-changing, but it guidebooks our steps in the right direction.A plenty of people thinktheir calling has to be something extraordinary or magical, but sometimes ourcalling may be very real and ordinary but it has the potential to induce our lives extraordinary.

3. Stop thinking that their own lives should be dramatic. We are all waiting for that big shot, that big moment where we turn our lives around, be filthy rich, and travel the world. Thisfalse belief is what leads us to be disappointedwith our lives, thus we force ourselves to consider making big changes that doesn’t make sense to thinking that this is the true definition of happiness.

4. The best route to figure out what we want to do with our lives is to keep attaining tiny strides toward a better life, inducing small changes one step at a time.

5. Once we find our calling, we shouldnt let failure stop us. We have to keep trying over and over again. There is no such thing as novices luck when it is necessary to our lifes intent. The more we try, the wiser and smarter we will be and we will finally get onto right one day.

6. Dont glamorize the future or blame the past. When we feel lost, we have a tendency to blame our past for get us to where we are now, so we glamorize a better future without truly changing ourselves which only adds to our discomfort.

7. Although it is easier to play theblame game when we are not happy and we dont want to hold ourselves accountable for our fate, but we have to remember glamorize the future without actively finding ways to make it better will not change our lives.

8. The best thing we can do when we believes this way is to get real with ourselves about what went wrong in the past and how we can fix it so we can avoid falling for the same trap in the future.

9. Its also good to remember that life is a bundle of contradictions and it will not always be the one we picturedor go the route we wanted.

10. Read enriching volumes and turn off the Tv. Reading invites us to a new world of lessons and guidance, the quiet moments we spend with our books can have a better effect than any prove we watch on TV. Books cultivate& feed our minds and offer valuable lessons we wouldnt learn anywhere else.

11. Success is subjective and doesnt have a universal definition. There is no one right way to live or one definition to success. It is easy to get influenced by the fantasies, stories and movies around us but at the end of the day everyone will end uppaving their own way to success.

12. Taking the time to discover our strengths will help us learn how to hone them in our present life roles, and give us more confidence in moving forward with our lives.

13. The first ingredient to deal with the uncertainty of life is learning how to be patient with yourself and everything around you, and the patience to wait for the life you truly desire.

14. The second ingredient is to practice letting run of all the unrealistic expectations we had, the old patterns that maintain holding us back, and the rancor that eats our heart and blurs our clarity.

15. Friends and family are here to support us; we should go to them when we feeling lost, they can provide us with their help and wisdom and devote us the pep talk we need to get back on our feet again.

16. Change is the only constant in life so we should do our best to embrace the changes that come our route and the changes within ourselves.

17. There is no deadline to our lives. Sometimes, we think we want to do something and then once we try it, we realize it might not be what we want after all. It’s not the end of the world – it’s how we know what doesn’t work so we can figure out what will work no matter how old we are.

18. Learning to be grateful for the small things will make a huge difference in our day to day.Adopting this outlook may help prevent us from over-emphasizing the importance of the bad things in our lives and dedicate us a healthier attitude to deal with the discomfort of our current situation.

19. Even if we get what we want, we will be faced with new challenges and responsibilities to it.

20. ” Good things take time” and” no one has it all figured out” are two powerful reminders we should recur to ourselves whenever we feel like we dont know what to do with our lives.

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