Mel Gibson& Vince Vaughn Are Slammed& Praised For Their Answer To Meryl Streep’s Speech — When Really They Were Just Sitting There …

7 months, 2 days ago

Another day, another Twitter conspiracy!

Following Meryl Streep ‘s AMAZING anti- Donald Trump speech at the Golden Globes this past Sunday, the Twitterverse put under a theory that Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn were NOT fans of the message.

According to some, Mel and Vince’s facial expressions seemed to convey the latter are either , not impressed, and/ or riled with Streep’s words. It’s kind of a stretching considering the pair seemed to be simply sitting there and listening … like everybody else in the audience.

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Obviously, the theory bemused republicans lik e man baby conservative pundit Tucker Carlson , who cited it as an example of how not everyone is impressed with the so-called Hollywood liberal elite.

Tucker ranted to Fox News 😛 TAGEND

“Here you have a rich and entitled person describing herself as an outsider, an outcast. Look, she doesn’t like Trump, that’s entirely fine, lots of people don’t. You’re allowed to feel that style, but what I was so struck by is she was telling a crowd exactly what they wanted to hear. She was saying things that are totally uncontroversial within the context she was speaking. That’s the least courageous thing you can do.”

Either way, the internet had A LOT of impressions … take a look at some of the reactions( below )!

Tell us how you really feel, Twitter!

As some of you Perezcious readers might now, Vaughn is a libertarian and has championed republican Rand Paul in past. As for Mel, he has a very colorful and Drumpf-esque past — from his controversial movie Passion of the Christ to his anti-semitic remarks back in the day, so it’s not a complete stretching to imagine who he voted for in the election.

That being said, neither star has expressed public support for either Donald or Hillary Clinton , so it’s a bit much to assume their political notions based on a camera still.

So, what do YOU suppose?

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