Before Meeting With Muslim Constituents, Lawmaker Asks If They Beat Their Spouses

7 months, 4 days ago

WASHINGTON Muslim high school students requesting to meet with a Republican Oklahoma lawmaker were presented with a lengthy and hate-filled questionnaire that asked , among other things, Do you beat your spouse?

Thats according to Adam Soltani, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relationsof Oklahoma, who posted a video to Facebook shortly after the incident occurred Thursday.

I simply have been informed by some of our community members that Rep. John Bennett who in my opinion, at this point, doesnt even deserve to be called a representative is refusing to meet with Muslims unless they answer questions from an Islamophobic hate group called Act For America, Soltani said in the video.

Attempts to contact Bennetts office Friday were unsuccessful. But in an email to Tulsa World, he reportedly confirmed Soltanis story, and said the questions were based on passages from the Quran and other Islamic texts, according to the outlet.

The incident resulted during Muslim Day at the Capitol, an annual event hosted by CAIR that aims to connect Oklahoma Muslims with their representatives. Soltani told BuzzFeed that students from Tulsas Peace Academy, a private Islamic school, visited Bennetts office, hoping for a chance to speak with him. Instead, one of the lawmakers assistants presented them with a lengthy questionnaire that appeared to be crafted byACT For America.

The Southern Poverty Law Center labels ACT as the largest grassroots anti-Muslim group in America.

Nobody should be vetted with stupid, Islamophobic, hateful, bigoted questions before they can meet with their representative, Soltani said.

Bennett is well known for his anti-Muslim sentiments. In 2014, he called Islam a cancer that must be cut out of America. Hes also said Islam is not even a religion and that there is no difference between moderate Islam and extreme Islam.

Last year, theCenter for Security Policy, another anti-Muslim group, presented Bennett with the so-called National Defender of Freedom awarding.

He also sparked dispute last year where reference is posted to Facebook a conservative blog post criticizing Hillary Clinton for the deaths of four Americans in the 2012 Benghazi attack. With the post Bennett wrote, 2 words … firing squad, appearing to call for the former secretary of states execution.

Heres a sampling of the questions reportedly presented Thursday by Bennetts office 😛 TAGEND

The Koran, the sunna of Mohammed and Sharia Law of all schools say that the spouse can beat his wife. Do you beat your spouse? I have heard that, according to accepted Islamic sources, Mohammed, at age of 49, marriage a 6-year-old girl, and that he had sex with her when he was 52 and she was only 9 years old. Is that really true? Sharia law says that it must rule over the kafirs, the non-Muslims. Do you agree with this? The Koran says: The unbelievers are your inveterate adversary.( 4:101 ). The Koran also says that unbelievers are the vilest of all beasts( 98:6) and the worst of animals (8: 55 ). What hope is there of coexistence when Mohammed teaches practising Muslims to have this attitude toward non-Muslims?( Emphasis in original)