WIRED Pilot Program: Good Girls Revolt

7 months, 3 days ago
_DSC5 644. ARWJennifer Clasen

Each fall, most of the broadcast and cable networks debut a ton of new presents in the span of a few months, constructing it difficult to sort out which ones to make time for and which to skip. So were starting the WIRED Pilot Program, where we highlight what you should continue watching, and what you can just let sit on your DVR until it automatically deletes. Today’s entry: Good Girls Revolt.

The Show: Good Girls Revolt( Streaming now on Amazon)

The Premise: It’s December 1969, and the staffers at News of the Weeka big-audience, big-credibility, big-money national magazineare scrambling to cover Altamont, one of the last major headline-grabbing events of the decade. But an all the more important story has appeared to be unfolding in the magazine’s offices, where the Week’s underappreciated female researchers are learning that the male colleagues who take their work for granted( while also often taking all the credit) could be guilty of more than only sexismthey might also be transgressing the law.

The Pilot Program Take: Ordinarily, Pilot Program adheres to a strict guideline of merely reviewing a new series’ first installment. But since the pilot of Good Girls Revolttechnically debuted last fallwhen it was part of Amazon’s you-rate-it, we-make-it voting programwe decided to check out the first two installments, only to get a better sense of where the display was headed. And it’s a good thing we did, because Revolt stimulates some much-needed improvements between episodes one and two, turning a crucial corner from a sixties-slavish reference-o-‘rama to a noticeably more invigorated workplace drama.