Sexuality, Lies, And Murder: Lead Prosecutor Juan Martinez Discusses How He Put Jodi Arias Behind Bars

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No, it didnt feel like I was reliving anything because it was more of training exercises of what I thought would be most interesting for people who had already seen what was televised. Because most of the trial, all of the trial was broadcasted. I wanted to give them something better of background of what I was believing, what I was going through at the time so that the reader could get more of an atmosphere of “whats going on” in the courtroom.

It didnt affect my life in a negative style. It did effect my life, but in a positive way. If notoriety would be considered a positive thing. Which I would think it is. Part of the reason its so positive is that there seems to be overwhelming support for what was put forth in the trial, and some of the things that they saw. Its a positive in another respect that people were able to actually see what happens in the trial, its not just like you consider on Tv. It was an educational experience so people could see what happens in trials in Arizona.

You know, one of the things that probably should be pointed out is that its sometimes a compliment when you realise who it is thats blaming you. In this case, it seems people who were criticizing me didnt understand what I was doing. Its born a little bit of ignorance because they didnt understand what was going on. There was some criticism and it was about my style, it was all strategic on my part. I didnt want to go into this cross-examination with the defendant, for example, letting her dictate the story to the jury. What I wanted was to control the tempo because I believed that would be a more effective way of getting to the bottom of this, whatever the truth may be. She did start to get belligerent, play word games. I was able to, utilizing my style, expose Jodi Arias for someone who she truly was: she was deceitful and had a problem with the truth.

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No, I dont to continue efforts to tailor anything that I do to what a defendant may or may not do. It was something that I thought in advance would be a factor, and of course I knew there might be a downside or that it may work against me. Because she did seem to be vulnerable, she had the appearance of a victim. She had the bangs, the dark-rimmed glass that gave her sort of the librarian looking. It couldve been, someone may have insured it as me sort of beat up a victim but I decided to take the chance because I thought any other style to approach her would be counter-productive.

I dont have any idea, I cant even comment on that. Because when people make comments like that, you dont actually know why theyre attaining specific comments. I dont know actually who this inmate was, and I dont recollect what the background was or what the circumstances were of the person constructing that statement.

Im not sure what the strategy was or what the idea was behind it other than the fact, when I was sitting there in the courtroom and that line of questioning began, it was being presented as Travis was sitting there masturbating to these videos when it was just a stone band. It was effective in the beginning but it became extremely ineffective when presented.

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The defendant was on the witness stand for 18 days. Thats nearly unprecedented. I dont know of any other cases where the defendant has been on the stand for that long. In terms of this defendant, she was by far the most sophisticated person to have ever taken the stand for this kind of crime Ive ever encountered. She never buckled under the questioning, if she had an issue she would regroup she was quite sophisticated on the witness stand.

No one has in the past asked me that. What did I find to be the most interesting? Because she was not expecting the question, the most interesting part for me was when I asked her about the third gas can and why she filled up in Salt Lake City. For whatever reason she didnt know I was going to ask her that there was a seem that came across her face, it was the only period Id watched her react. For once it looked like she supposed What am I gonna do? But that didnt mean she didnt have an answer, and for that it was that shed never been to Salt Lake City. For her, why did you have a third gas can in Salt Lake City. Of course I could demonstrate by the documentation and I could demonstrate she had been there.

No. I dont believe he had any inkling that he was about to be stabbed. We have to remember the context of the attack that he had just experienced the most intimate activity between a man and a woman I think to know she had handgun and a knife would be inconceivable to him, as it would be to most of us.

His going to Cancun was a part of it, but “the worlds biggest” reason was he had indicated in no uncertain terms that she was not the person for him. And thats rejection. So it wasnt only because he was taking this woman to Cancun, it was his view of their relationship. If she couldnt have him , nobody else would. And what made it graphically different is that she wanted to have him one last hour. Because she objective the relationship in the most total way you can. She picked the time, she picked the day, she picked the manner. She ushered him off the mortal coil, as they say. Not my line.

It certainly wouldve been much more difficult because without the gas cans, theyre not only important with what they show that she was deceitful and had planned it it was part of the whole instance that she had, in fact, had schemed this. It wasnt in and of itself that they were important, if she had said and done then the other things I had presented. I think the jury was more receptive then to hear that she had died her hair before going to Arizona. Why did she run 90 miles out of her way to get gas? Why did she take the license plates off her car? To know that she had schemed it built it all the more real.

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Knowing what she said on the witness stand, she has admitted she killed Travis. I dont suppose because of the way that she is, she can be deceitful even in the face of being confronted with unequivocal facts, she didnt is the truth. Do you think if she is asked years down the road would she admit it? I think thats unrealistic.

In her intellect, it didnt look like she was leaving any evidence behind. She thought she good a task, and I guess she did a good job. She cleaned up very well. She took the knife, took the firearm. She deleted the three decides of photographs, the sex encounter, the shower, and the three inadvertent ones. She did quite a good job of that. And then when she put the camera in the washing machine she put some bleach in there and ran the cycle, it appears just looking at it that she did a great job and the police were just fortunate that they were able to recover the photographs.

You know, Americas a great country, people are allowed to express their opinions if they want to continue to express their subsistence, theyre entitled to it. I acknowledge, I dont have a computer so I dont truly ever see it, but theyre legally entitled to do that. As long as they understand there has been a sentence for first degree murder and that it was premeditated they can continue to do anything they want.

Thats interesting. She does have her advocates, other people have had their supporters, I think its simply par for the course. Some people are drawn to that. If you can become fascinated by her, it can get to an obsessive level, if you decide you like them you always know where they are, what theyre doing. And thats comforting. Im not a psychologist but I think thats part of the attraction there. No matter what goes on in their life, they know this person will always be there.

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Its difficult to believe that any of her feelings or any of her terms were genuine, because of the style she conducted herself after the killing. Throughout the entire process of the trial, she maintained changing her tale. I dont suppose anything that she says, based on that, that shes genuine about things that she might say.

No. That really was unbelievable. Not merely were the numbers circled, she gave her two magazines one with the numbers circled and one with the messages. That was very sophisticated. I have never seen that before. It points to an individual that when pushing comes to jostle will attempt to influence others. If somebody has to do that, theyre attaining things up.

I actually cant comment on that because I wasnt strolling in their shoes. Maybe they were dealing with things that I dont know about, but in my view, philosophy of prosecution: I never worry about what theyre going to do. Starting out, the facts are there. The premeditation is there. The situation was, I was able to put the evidence out there for the jury that she did plan the assassination of Travis Alexander.

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The experience of writing the book was very difficult. It was probably, in terms of run or my professional life, the most difficult thing Ive ever done. Because its easy to vomit everything thats already been heard or said, and I wanted to present the truth. I hope when people read it they are aware I wasnt simply vomiting back what I find, but Ive actually added insight.

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